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Devoted Listing Agent, Seamless MLS Listing, Save Thousands

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Sage Advice:

Selling - Don't Pay High CommissionsSave an Avg. of $15,000+ Instead!

Buying - Split your Agent's Commission 50/50! Thousands of $$$$ in Your Pocket at Closing!

Sage Buying & Selling Package Highlights:

Sage Sells Properties Nationwide, While Saving People Thousands!

Sage Helps People Buy Real Estate in Over 26 States and We Are Adding New States Everyday!

Sage's Selling Flat Fee MLS Listing Price + You Set Your Buyer's Agent Commission (BAC) = Huge Savings!

What Buyer's Agent Would Give You Half of their Commission? Contrarily, Sage Buyer's Agents Will Pay You 50% of Their Commission at Closing when you buy a home.

Sage's Selling Package is Better Than "By Owner" and More Affordable Than Traditional Agents.

Sage Buyer's Agents Pay an Average of $7,000 to Their Buyer's at Closing. Use Those Huge Savings to Pay For Closing Costs, Buy Down Your Interest Rate, or Put More Money Down on Your House.

The Average person saves $15,000 by Selling with a Sage Listing Agent! What would you do with an extra $15,000? Pay off debt, buy a larger/more upgraded house, go on an extravagant vacation?

Take more Control of your Buying and Selling experiences with Sage, and Save Thousands!


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Sage Advice: 

Save $1,000's to List With Sage

See how much money you could save with Sage with our handy calculator below! 

Drag the Property Sale Price to match your estimated home's value and see how much you could Save with Sage!



  • Sell a Home or Property in all 50 States of the US

  • Thousands of Dollars in Savings

    • $2,950 Flat Listing Fee!

    • Set Your Buyer's Agent Commission (BAC)

    • Save Around $15,000+ with Sage Vs. the ​Traditional Commission-based  methods.

  • Dedicated Listing Broker and Agent​ with Phone and Email Support within normal broker-established working hours.​

  • Efficient Computer-Integrated Showing Services

  • Top Rated HouseCanary CMA Home Pricing Report​

  • For Sale Sign

  • Professional Photographer with 25 Professional Photos

  • Up to 25 Photos on the MLS

  • Streamlined MLS Listing and Marketing

    • 6 Months of MLS Listing + Free 12 Mo. MLS Renewal where needed

    • House Listing Also Most of the Major Real Estate Websites - Zillow, Redfin,, Trulia, etc.

* Note - if Buyers put in an offer on your house without a Buyer's Agent, then you would NOT need to pay the SBAC and would save an additional 2%-3% when selling your house!

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What Do I Get When I Use Sage Listing Services?

Sage provides a similar experience to a standard listing agent without the large commission.

Thus, Sage saves you thousands and improves your quality of life.

Note that Cost of Services Above Do Not Include the Standard Buyer Agent Fees (BAC), which is typically 2-3% Regardless If You Use a Standard Agent or Sage.

Sage provides a similar experience to a standard listing agent without the large commission.

Thus, Sage saves you thousands and improves your quality of life.

Sage's Listing & Selling Timeline

It is important to know the Listing and Selling processes.

Click on the Timeline Below For a Closer Look!


Joel & Kyle

We were For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) and were struggling to get buyer traffic and sell our home with traditional FSBO methods. We then chose Sage to sell our house and we had over 50 showings and multiple offers the first weekend on the MLS, and we sold our house for top dollar well over list price! We also saved over $18k in real estate commissions and were able to use that money saved by Sage to remodel 2 bathrooms in our next house purchase. Thanks Sage for your incredible, powerful, affordable listing services!


Garth & Meta

We were initially timid to consider selling over a $1M house with a platform like Sage, but Sage gave us the reassurance we needed and provided us with great listing tools: buyer exposure, marketing, and pricing tools, among others, while also empowering us as seller's to sell our home for a great price and we saved almost $40k in real estate commissions! Sage provides great services and absolutely insane savings! We couldn't be happier!

Let's Do This!

Why Wait? Get Started Today and Save Thousands of Dollars by Selling with Sage!

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With Over $3 Billion Worth in Homes Sold, over 25,000 Homes Sold and Millions Saved!


Featured in 2020 Top 100 Real Estate Magazine

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