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Writing A Catchy Real Estate MLS Listing Description That Sells

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Your MLS Listing Home Description helps to paint an enticing picture of your Home to prospective buyers. When paired with your professional photos, prospective buyers should get an idea why your home is valuable and worth buying. This is your 1-paragraph elevator pitch for why someone should consider buying your house - so here are some tips for writing a catchy MLS Listing Home Description.

Here is a list of tips for creating a catchy MLS Listing Description for your home. Use these when you plan out and write your MLS description.

1. Highlight the House's and Neighborhood's Desirable Assets

Descriptions of your home do not necessarily need to include statistics of your home. Don't be redundant because the MLS will include how many bedrooms and bathrooms your home has.

Mention upgraded parts of your home, such as granite-counter tops, stainless-steel appliances, renovations, fresh fixtures, etc. If your home does not have upgrades that are worth noting, its important that you get creative with your description to paint your house in its best light.

Don't forget to mention features of your neighborhood, such as walking trails, nearby restaurants and bars, parks, museums, local attractions, etc.

2. Use Other House's MLS Listing Description as a Scaffold for Writing Yours.

Why re-invent the wheel when you can improve it, customize it, and make it your own.

Go on,,, or your favorite online website for looking at available homes for sale in your neighborhood. Find a couple descriptions that you feel are well written and copy them into a word document. Use those descriptions as a scaffold for creating yours, highlighting similar aspects about your house and neighborhood. Make sure, however, not to plagiarize and to write your description in your own words and format.

3. Be Selective In Your Word-Choice, Adjectives, and Descriptions.

Use the below guide to aid in writing your description. Some key areas to focus on are telling a story, thinking locally, being specific, editing and revising, etc.

Source (

After you have followed the above steps, have a second party review it. You can ask a second party or even your Sage Listing Agent to review it before it is posted on the MLS. It is important that your listing does not have misspellings or grammatical errors in it so that it looks professional when it appears on the MLS and all of the major real estate websites.

The following is a list of powerful, creative words that you can use to spice up your real estate MLS listing description. A good sales pitch uses proper word choice to make it catchy and cast vision of the value of the product that it is selling.

Source (

4. Employ A Call to Action

It is important to call the potentially interested buyers to action at the end of your description. Often, creating a sense of urgency entices the potential buyer to see more value in your place because it reminds them that they are not the only buyer out there looking at your house.

Examples such as "See this house before it is gone!," or "Why are you still reading this? Set up a showing today!" are great calls to action because it gets the potential buyer to consider taking an action towards seeing your home.


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